Top Signs of Alternator Trouble

Top Signs of Alternator Trouble

Top Signs of Alternator TroubleIt's your alternator that powers up your battery. If it malfunctions, then your battery's power reserve could run empty, potentially leaving you stranded. When you first notice an indication of alternator trouble, you'll want to take action to address it. Here's a look at seven signs of a failing alternator.

Dashboard Indicator Light

In many cases, the first sign of alternator trouble is an illuminated dash light that reads ALT or GEN. In some vehicles, this light comes on in the shape of a battery.

Dead Battery

A car battery should typically last for about three years. If your battery dies much sooner than this timeframe, then there's reason to suspect an alternator issue----unless of course you left your lights on!

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

Your alternator supplies the juice to your headlights. If it fails, you might find yourself trying to drive with severely limited visibility. This issue poses a particular safety hazard if you often have to drive on roads that aren't lit up by street lamps.

Belt Problems

You may have found the source of your alternator trouble if you can see that a belt is too loose, too tight, or cracked.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

Alternator trouble can lead to problems with electrical accessories such as your power locks, power seats, power windows, and radio.


A healthy alternator plays an important role in keeping your pistons pumping reliably as you cruise down the road. If your alternator fails, you could find yourself stalled out and needing assistance.

Burning Smell

Among the types of automotive trouble that can lead to a burning odor, one possibility to consider is alternator belt slippage.

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Posted: October 7, 2020

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