Visit our Winter Haven Auto Shop if You Notice One of these Signs of Alternator Trouble

Visit our Winter Haven Auto Shop if You Notice One of these Signs of Alternator Trouble

Visit our Winter Haven Auto Shop if You Notice One of these Signs of Alternator TroubleWhile your engine is running, your alternator creates power, which is directed to the battery for storage. If your alternator is malfunctioning, then your battery's power reserve can become depleted to the extent that your car won't start, or may even stall out in traffic. At the first indication of alternator failure, you'll want to visit the shop for an inspection. At Cypress Tire & Car Care Center, our local mechanics specialize in fixing alternator and auto electric issues. Come and see us if you encounter any of the following signs of an alternator problem.

Warning Signs of Alternator Failure

Alternator trouble can cause issues with the car's accessories. You may notice windows taking longer to roll up/down and power seats not responding as quickly. Today's automobiles are commonly equipped with computers that can figure out which accessories should have their power supply diminished when the alternator isn't working like it should. This way, power is saved for the vehicle's most essential electrical needs, such as headlights. However, there is still a chance that headlights will also malfunction when there's an alternator problem.

Another common sign of alternator trouble is a dead battery, though a dead battery doesn't automatically indicate alternator failure. Of course, a battery can die due to other causes, like reaching the end of its life expectancy or leaving your headlights on. But if there isn't some other obvious reason for why your battery has died, then it's worth trying to figure out if your alternator is to blame.

You could also be dealing with an alternator issue if you see a battery-shaped warning light come on. Although this light is shaped like a battery, it doesn't automatically mean that your battery is the problem. Rather, it could indicate an issue with your alternator or another part of your electrical system.

Alternator & Auto Electric Repair in Winter Haven, FL

When you need auto repair in Winter Haven and the surrounding area, contact Cypress Tire & Car Care Center at (863) 593-7621. At our local auto shop, we can complete any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: October 2021

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